Currently, MAT collaborators with other development organizations in  Kagera region such as the Overseas Organizations like the Marafiki wa Afrika Germany (MAG), Fare World Rastat (FWR), LABDOO,Engineer without Boarders (EWB), Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) for Rusumo project under Burundi, Rwanda & Tanzania and other groups interested in our programs.

Within the Country we mainly collaborate with Twaweza / Uwezo Tanzania, Local government and other non – governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community. The NGOs partners in Ngara district which are Marafiki wa Africa Tanzania (MAT), Community Development Initiative Support (CODISO), Relief to Development Society (REDESO), Tanganyika Christian Refugee Services (TCRS) , CRDB and National Microfinance Banks. In the picture are involved in this project for building capacity of PAPs to the selected projects (Agriculture, Livestock and Entrepreneurship) whereby MAT is involved in Agriculture component. The project duration is two years from January 2016. As initial start NELSAP convened a meeting for two days on 14-15th September 2015 for District and selected NGOs which will be involved in the project on their responsibilities.