This local group started in 2002. The group is located at Bugene A in Omurushaka. The chairperson is Dina Katanga. The group started with 15 members but at present there are 10members.The aim of establishing the group was to empower the families through different activities like sewing, catering services as well as engaging in Handcraft. The group came into contact with MAG through MAT and got assistance from them.

Achievements realized by the group with the help of MAG.

  • The group managed to eradicate poverty by engaging in entrepreneurship activities.
  • Members were able to reduce dependency from their husbands.
  • Members started their own SACCOS.
  • Family income increased due to engaging in different income generating
  • Members of the group managed to keep livestock e.g. cows, chicken, rabbits, pigs and goats.

Success stories of the Group.