HEALTH AND WASH (Water ,Sanitation&Hygiene).

The Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) has learned a lot and discovered that there are difficulties concerning the accessibility of  Primary Health Care services (PHC) at K9 area as well as  surrounding areas and to most  villages of Ngara District. Responding to the experience as noted in areas of Nyakariba, Kasulo, Kasharazi, Gwingwe, Kumubuga, Kabulanzwili, Mtega, Mikore and Kigoyi found in three Wards of Kasulo, Rusumo and Nyakisasa, the organization came up with an idea to establish a Project called Marafiki’s Community Health Education Centre (MCHEC) whose operational Office is based at K9 in Ngara District-Kagera Region.

The observed commonest prevailing problems facing people in Ngara District are the existence of recurrent preventable communicable and some non-communicable diseases like Malaria, Intestinal Worm infestations, Sexually Transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, Oral-Dental problems,pre-mature deliveries of pregnant women and Mental illnesses. In addition to the mentioned problems  another serious situation is the failure of people to know what to do when they fall sick due to the remoteness of most of the areas and thus majority rely on witch-craft beliefs which consequently result into unnecessary preventable premature deaths. Therefore in order to come up with an appropriate health intervention to save the lives of   people residing  in these areas as well as to create awareness  about communicable and some non-communicable diseases ,prevention and control to school children studying in Primary and Secondary schools through Primary health care approach, Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) plans to conduct an operational research basing on Maternal & Child health (Ante natal services,  Nutrition and Vaccination status of women in child bearing age), Environmental  Sanitation( Housing, surrounding cleanness, water supply, hand washing practices, toilets, personal hygiene,), Oral-Dental health(Teeth brushing practices) and Mental Health  (Alcohol consumption, substance abuse).

Possible contributing factors to the existence and increase of these problems can greatly be associated with insufficient knowledge and preventive measures against them. Therefore the solution to this is to strengthen the efforts of Community health education at a clearly specified place as well as going to the people’s gathering places to impart them with knowledge related to these health problems. So far at K9 MAT is operating a shop which sells essential medicines for human use and the process for the  completion of a Health Laboratory is in final stages. Later on the organization plans to start the construction of a building for Community health education sessions. When the construction is complete the building can as well be used by District Council’s health staff during Rural Community Health (RCH) outreach services or mobile health services when needed. Hence for five years to come MAT shall construct and improve MCHEC to serve the communities in the neigbhourhood .An ambulance shall be required to rush pregnant women and victims of accidents to government hospitals 20 kilometers away from MCHEC.

In order to come up with a permanent solution for the existing long standing problems,  despite  various efforts being done by Government and its various development partners, Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania(MAT) intends to conduct an organizational research so as to establish baseline information, the results of which will be the basis for developing long term sustainable projects for the improvement of the general wellbeing of the people of Ngara district. . MAT invites  all interested partners to support its initiative in a bid to improve Primary Health care (PHC) ,availability of safe and clean water to the community, sanitation and hygiene.