The KIWIP is an entitled group dealing with sustainable projects whose    mission is the development of sustainability in livestock and agriculture   production within their rural poverty setting typical of peasant family hold farms in Kumunazi village Ngara district located North West of Tanzania East Africa.  The group was established in 2004 with 30 members under the leadership of Mrs. Justina Bazima and Juliana Rubulila as the assistant chairperson. The group was established with the following objectives:

  1. Improve food security
  2. Improve economic relief
  3. Improve social respect
  4. Acquire life insurance
  5. Work on environmental conservation
  6. Alleviate poverty among local communities
  7. Contribute towards national income.
  8. The group was provided with 10 dairy cows which were given to 10 members among the group. Also Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) purchased 3.5 hectares for KIWIP, four oxen and plough. All these were made possible through the assistance of Marafiki wa Afrika Germany (MAG).

Achievements realized by the group with MAG’s assistance.

  1. Members have been able to increase their income per capita.
  2. Nutrition status for their families has increased due to milk consumption.
  3. Farm yard manure helped members to improve their banana fields.
  4. Members reduced dependency as they were able to engage in income           generating activities.
  5. Members were able to send their children to school
  6. The number of cows given to the group has multiplied and now it has 15cows which is a sign of progress as portrayed in the photo below

Success stories of the group.

Challenges faced by the group in realization of its dreams.

  1. Unstable group management/leadership.
  2. Lack of funds to make use of the 3.5 hectares of land which were given to them to foster their cattle project.

Future plans of the group

  • The group members’ suggest to invite MAT members to resurrect the group since it were torn due to poor management and insufficient funds to run it.
  • Soliciting more funds to inject in the projects.