The Good Samaritan Pharmacy.

The Rusumo ward and Baramba girls’ secondary school communities face problems with health services for a long time due to health facility and district hospital which was built 18 km away. The organization realized a need of having a pharmacy which can help these communities to access medicines around their premises. The building where medicines will be sold has been supported by MAG in collaboration with FWR.  Qualified medical officers will be employed to run the pharmacy.

Since in January 2015 patients have been receiving good service of medicines and people are recognizing the presence of our pharmacy. Since it was started more than 1,705 patients (1,425 adults and 280 children) have got service from this pharmacy opened in August 2013. According to the increment of patients it was  released that also there is a need to extend rooms for laboratory because the district hospital where they can test their health is very far about 18km from Kasharazi (K9) and the fare is Tshs. 6,000/= (3 Euro ) for to and from. MAT management started to think about it as well as to share this idea to our partners in Germany because this laboratory will be a great help not only for people who are around to K9 but also will help even pupils from Kasharazi and Kumnazi primary School which is 4km from K9. Due to the importance of this laboratory donation was made from good neighbors of Heinz Josef and his home Parish of Bedburdyck from Germany to start construction of this laboratory in March 2015.

Establishment of Marafiki’s Health care program under Community Health Education Centre (MCHEC) at k9 in Ngara district.

Since the year 1999 when Baramba Girl’s Secondary was established at K9 in Ngara  District, the Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) has experienced and see that the area of K9 is fast growing and unfortunately, the accessibility to health education   opportunities focusing on preventive measures against prevailing Communicable and Non-communicable diseases to people residing along this place and the surrounding areas of Nyakariba, Kasulo, Kasharazi, Gwingwe, Kumubuga, Kabulanzwili, Mikore and Kigoyi found in three Wards of Kasulo, Rusumo and Nyakisasa is missing.

The common health related problems affecting people in this area are Malaria, Intestinal Worm infestations,  Diarrhoeal diseases, Sexually Transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, Respiratory tract infections like Pneumonias,  Motor vehicle accidents, Oral-Dental problems, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular diseases like Hypertension and Mental  illnesses.

Contributions to the existence and increase of these problems can greatly associated with insufficient knowledge and preventive measures against them; therefore the       solution to this was to strengthen the efforts of Community health education at a clearly specified place as well as going to the people’s gathering places to impart them with knowledge related to these health problems. The idea of thinking about initiating the Marafiki’s Community Health Education (MCHEC) at K9 started in the year 2015.

So far at K9 MAT already established pharmacy (Good Samaritan) which started to operate in August 2013 to sells essential medicines for human use. Also the school      received Volunteers from Germany under Marafiki wa Afrika Germany (MAG) who are knowledgeable in health, so in the beginning of February to March 2016 they conducted sessions to students on  communicable and non communicable disease, infectious and non-infectious diseases and finally conducted physical health screening as the starting point before going to the community under good  supervision of Dr. George Sing’ombe who was working in Government hospital in Ngara district. During the sessions they used projector for presentations in order to teach more students at once.


The process for construction of Health Laboratory is almost finished as it shown in the picture as well as construction of water drainage system inside the laboratory while equipment for testing people’s health status and furniture not in place. Later on the organization plans to start the construction of a building for  Community health education sessions, when  the  construction is complete the building can as well be used by  Council’s health staff during RCH outreach   services or  mobile health services when needed. The laboratory was inaugurated on 20th August 2016 by the member of the Parliament (Ngara constituency) Hon. Alex Raphael Gashaza in collaboration with Mr. Tiefenthler’s family Cordula Riener on behalf of the Marafiki wa Afrika Germany (MAG) as it shown in the picture.

Nyakaiga Hospital

This hospital is located in Bushangaro Parish in Karagwe district. The hospital was supported by MAG through MAT with an   X- ray machine in 1997, funds for buying mattresses, bed sheets, 5 boxes of spectacles in 2001 and medicines.  


This health centre is located in Rulenge town and it was established in 1996 by                 Dr. Abraham Katesigwa who was later got support from MAG with spectacles, syringes, bandages, gauzes and other clinical equipments.