Issue: (I) To uplift education of girls in Tanzania so as to empower them to participate in various socio Economic activities.

(II) Interventions not addressing identified needs and often lacking ownership and Sustainability.

Education strategic objectives

  1. To uplift education of girls in Tanzania especially Ngara District so as to empower them to participate in various socio economic activities.
  2. To minimize obstacles which impede girls access to education such as long walking distance to and from school, early marriage/pregnancy, employment of young girls .
  3. To enable poor families of Ngara District send their girls to boarding school
  4. To enhance gender balance issue through education.
  5. To establish various social service project such as water, health, to offer industrial arts/technology etc, which will serve the school community and neighboring village.
  6. Improvement of Quality of life and Social Well-Being.

Education projects to date for Baramba girls’ secondary school

  1. Building of standard dormitories and classrooms for accommodating big number of students.
  2. Building one computer room
  3. Construction and equipping of a standard Secondary School laboratory.
  4. Mobilizing funds for supporting orphan students.
  5. Installation of wireless system for internet service and data base.
  6. Fabrication of own cements blocks for school building constructions.
  7. Promotion of East African Community protocols.


  1. The Baramba Girls’ Secondary School currently has got qualified teachers (2female and 12 men) from Tanzania.
  2. The school has form one to form four students and the school is among of the best ten schools out of 29 which is performing the best in Ngara district, Kagera in Tanzania.
  3. More than 80 orphans supported with education from ordinary level to high learning levels.
  4. Different income generating projects for School eg. Bee keeping, pineapples, banana fields etc.