Ngara District has a favorable climate which is cool with Scenic landscapes, river valleys, escarpments and the winding Ruvubu river with ox-bow lakes which connect with the Kagera river at Rusumo. At this confluence there is a water fall which is being developed to generate hydroelectricity for Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. The confluence is also at the border between Rwanda and Tanzania where there is one stop boarder post for immigration functions.

Objectives of the programmes will be;-

  1. Implementation of positive change through active cultural learning, museum and intercultural understandings.
  2. To demonstrate, care and concern for visitors entertainment and recreation.  Every individual matters makes a difference and has a role to play.
  3. To enhance understandings between individuals of different culture, ethnic groups, social levels and nations through intercultural leaning.
  4. Sensitize and bring awareness to young generation to develop and change attitude, behavior, self-respect, confidence in them and hope for future.


In Ngara District there are several game reserved areas of different types like Kimisi game reserve area, Rumasi and Rumanyika. All these reserves are impressive for tourist activities.


Other attractive areas in the district are as follows:-


  1. Residential places where chiefs Baramba and Nsoro lived.
  2. Mafiga Matatu Hills: This name was proposed by former president of the United Republic of Tanzania His excellence Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete during his period of leadership. These hills (Mafiga Matatu) form a no man’s land between three countries of (Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania). The Kagera river passes across the three countries of Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania.
  3. Caves of ancient people: These are impressive Cultural heritage and other attractions/citing for both domestic and international cultural heritage and other attractions/sites. These caves were also used as hiding places during the Tanzania and Uganda war of 1977/1978.
  4. Stones whereby elders used to pray and offer sacrifices in order for rain to fall, and everyone who attended this area left a colonial silver coin. These stones are found in the Nyakiziba Ward.
  5. A place with a hot spring: This is the source of supper heated water which is emitted from the rock into the air. It is specifically found in Mugoma village in Mugoma ward (Mumashuha). Another impressive spring is found between Mugoma village and Mwivuza in Kirushya ward.

For the promotion of cultural heritage and other attractions/sites in Ngara District, the following are needed:-

  1. A fully fledged museum house, shelters with all required materials and tools.
  2. Guiders, trainers and attendants

The challenges

MAT is faced with many challenges:

  1. The organization does not have enough funds to implement her programs.
  2. The Organization does not have a reliable transport to run reach for supervision far reaching projects in villages.