The Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) is a not for profit, non-government organization (NGO) registered in Tanzania. MAT was founded with the intention to partner with communities to develop interventions that improve wellbeing of poor and marginalized communities in Tanzania.

It was established in 1995 and on 21st May 1997 was registered under Societies Ordinance 1954 (Rule 5) with registration No. SO. 8910. It was re-registered as non – governmental organization under section 12(1) of act no.24 of 2002 in December 19th, 2017 with registration No. ooNGO/0009425. The Organization was formed to enable members to work towards enhancing education, economic and cultural development among themselves and the communities in which they live. It was also formed to enhance mutual cooperation among members of Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) in promoting understanding and development in social, economic, cultural, environmental, agriculture and livestock fields.

Currently, the organization has five components to work with namely; education, Agriculture & Livestock, Health, Environment and Cultural heritage and other attractions promotions/sites. In the field of education, the organization has established a girls’ secondary school to serve Forms One to Form Four level. The organization is supporting Most Vulnerable Children (MVCs)/Orphans to pursue their education at different level. The organization shall focus to work in Ngara, Biharamulo and Karagwe districts in Kagera Region and elsewhere in Tanzania Mainland.  In the process of actualizing the interests and objectives of MAT, internal and external resources are needed. The head office is located in Ngara town at Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Building opposite to District education offices along the road to Murgwanza hospital. MAT is a potent and NGO that is continually learning, driving to succeed and in doing so, helping to better serve its target beneficiaries such as  victims HIV/AIDS, aged people and households caring for Most Vulnerable Children and women empowerment.

Our core values:

  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Transparency

Our Vision: Organization envision for a changed and improved living standards of the marginalized people in Tanzania.


Our Mission: Committed to help communities in difficult environment especially people living on poor and under desirable condition obtains resources that will smooth their lives and make them independent on drawing a road map for their economic development through capacity building, guidance, interpreting by laws and policy to ensure a community achieves its intended success and ensure their integral human development.


In pursuing its mission, MAT will be a conduit to empowerment for communities striving for sustainable development. MAT will network and collaborate with other organizations and be an agent of change.

Our Objectives

The objectives of MAT are the following:

  1. To enhancing educational, economic and cultural development in the community.
  2. To promote the establishment, development and management of model educational institutions at different levels.
  3. To facilitate development in the field of general education and training, improvements in agriculture, protection of the environment, use of appropriate technology, advancement of women and children, and other undertakings that will improve the living standards of the community members.
  4. To enable capital creation community hubs to foster general development and the use of modern technology.
  5. To promote and preserve positive aspects of the cultural heritage of the people for posterity.
  6. To promote social justice, peace, unity and generally to strive to build a fair and just society.
  7. Support of programmes which focus on improving the living standards of individuals and social groups including youths, women, children, the disadvantage, unemployed and marginalized communities.